Solid strategy. Solid approach. Solid partnerships. Columbia Benefits is dedicated to providing our customers with the most cost-effective, strategically outlined health care benefits package in the industry.


Why Columbia Benefits…



Our commitment is to help employers streamline the benefits administration process so HR and Benefits Administration Mangers can spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives.  We align our industry knowledge, best practices, Enroll Ready tool and our clients’ business objectives to successfully maintain a strong benefits administration structure.  We believe our benefits options provide an attractive package to attract and retain employees and our services simplify benefit administration processes for employers.

Business Relationship


As a business partner, we work closely with our customers to assess their individual business needs and identify a benefits plan that works well for their unique environment – no “canned” programs. We establish a business relationship with the plan administrators – allowing our customers as much or as little control of the program they wish to maintain.  This relationship enables Columbia Benefits to engage the appropriate partnerships needed to create or adjust benefits plans as needed.

Customer Service


Columbia Benefits puts our customers first.  As your benefits consultant, we work with you to design a long-term health benefits strategy that controls benefits costs and is individually designed with your employees in mind.  Client confidentiality and governing requirements are high priority.


Allowing Columbia Benefits to provide customer service support takes the paperwork nightmare out of your daily routine, allowing your Human Resources Department to remain focused on more pressing matters such as compensation and salary administration, employee relations, training and organizational development, recruiting and employment, and workers compensation.


At Columbia Benefits, we are here to receive phone calls from your Human Resources Department and employees any time there is a question regarding the plan or coverage.  We have designed on-line benefits web sites for you and your employees to have access to your benefits plan coverage anytime, anywhere.

Strategic Planning


Selecting the right benefits consultant is critical for designing the right plan for your organization.  With Columbia Benefits, we take the guesswork out of designing a plan by strategically involving our customers in our process.  Strategic planning is an important area of focus in any part of your organization; it is no different when putting in place a benefits plan.


Through strategic planning, we will identify the requirements you need, perform a gap analysis on your existing benefits plan, financially organize your benefits plan’s monitoring trends, and identify a change management plan for renewal time.  Columbia Benefits receives expanded fields of information from insurance carriers, deciphers the information, performs an analysis of the raw data, and then filters this data to be analyzed by the technology-advanced reporting tools of our claims management partners.  This partnered approach allows us to gather all the necessary information our customers need in order to make the most informed decision on the right benefits plan.


After these stages are complete and you are satisfied with the strategic direction, we will draw up a service level agreement ensuring we stay focused on the essentials of your plan.  This service level agreement is our way of letting our customers stay in control.

Plan Development and Implementation


After a service level agreement is negotiated, Columbia Benefits will begin the bid process.  Our customers will sign a Business Associate Agreement allowing Columbia Benefits to obtain information on their existing plan as well as negotiate rates with vendors.  The Business Associate Agreement will also protect client confidentiality while information is being gathered as well as assure that the Personal Health Information (PHI) data is destroyed at the end of the bid process.


Along with negotiating rates with vendors, Columbia Benefits stays abreast of changing compliance issues within the health care industry to ensure our customers always have the most appropriate plan in place.

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