The phrase “Effecting Positive Outcomes” can sound cliché — unless you can actually do it. At Columbia Benefits, Inc., this is our mission — we change lives. Our patient-first focus is unique in its emphasis on maintaining the most critical relationship of all – that being between a primary physician and their patient. It’s only part of what makes Columbia Benefits a breath of fresh air in an industry that is stuck on doing less for their members and more for their own bottom line. 

‌It’s more than giving our members better access to healthcare. We make a difference by giving people better access to better healthcare, and we have the stories to prove it supported by member-satisfaction ratings that are unimaginable by the traditional health insurance model. 

‌Columbia Benefits offers affordable, industry-leading benefits plans, and through our partnerships, members have access to industry-leading care. As a health benefits consulting company, we bring you a wealth of experience and knowledge in the form of brokerage/consulting, administrative services, and our medical benefit plan, Columbia Health.

Columbia Health

Columbia Health, created by Columbia Benefits, achieves better outcomes for all. We are dedicated to improving the healthcare of every community we serve.  

We are a self-funded, medical benefit plan that promotes consumer-driven healthcare. This plan is designed for employer group sizes of 100 or more benefit-eligible employees. 

Consulting and Brokerage

You deserve the best, and we offer nothing less. As a benefits consultant, Columbia Benefits will work with you to design the right plan for your organization. We work with groups to create benefits packages that meet the needs of employees, employers, and providers. 

Valued Partners

Partnerships with Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic Laboratories, and Local Community Hospitals have strengthened our ability to improve the health of our plan members. 

Benefits Administration

Through support and benefits administration technology, Columbia Benefits streamlines the admin side of benefits management. This means HR/Benefits Departments can focus on other responsibilities.   

Our benefits administration support includes an online, rules-based enrollment platform that can send enrollment changes to carriers and interface with payroll and HR technology. 

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